Residents Testimonies

What our residents have to say about Valle Escondido:  

“Valle Escondido rests in a tranquil location with near perfect weather.  It is serene, peaceful and stress free, unless you’re standing over a four-foot putt to win the match.” R S

“Imagine…  Magnificent tropical beauty;  a lifestyle equally as lush, and perhaps one of the world’s best values in real estate.” B Y 

“Valle Escondido is a lifestyle one dreams of and can have.” T C

“The energy flowing down this valley and river of Valle Escondido is very special and powerful, combined with the excellent design of the development; make it next to impossible to hold in stress.  The security is excellent as well, but not oppressive.  After two years of living here, I made an excellent decision.” J R

“Valle Escondido, a place to make a home and a new life in the dramatic mountain setting of Boquete. The resort has a great blend of the rural green life, a community atmosphere and support of the administration that makes the transition from whence you came a really pleasurable experience.” H J

“Living in Valle Escondido is living in a beautiful resort with golf, hiking, health spa, and restaurants, coffee shop and cantina, all within easy reach. Who could ask for anything more?” R J

“Valle Escondido has been thoughtfully planned to provide many of those amenities for that laid-back lifestyle we dream of.  For a change of atmosphere, a short walk into Boquete gives you a bustling, active little community to do your banking, grocery shopping and dining experience, or just to interact with the townsfolk.  This is the perfect combination minus stress, polluted air and fast foods!!” J G

“There was really no choice for us.  Boquete and specifically Valle Escondido had everything we wanted – beauty, privacy and amenities.  It felt like home from our very first visit.” F B

“Valle Escondido is the premier mountain residential/resort community of Latin America. It has set the standard for security, and gracious living, surrounded by all the amenities expected of a first class gated community.” D W

“We travel a lot and only spend a couple of weeks a quarter in VE/Panama, it is very comforting to know when I leave, my place will be monitored by security, it gives me comfort to know EVERYTHING is going to be, just like as it was when I left.  The purchase of a Condo was perfect for us, because we travel constantly throughout the world.  No hassle and nothing to worry about.  We have had 5 acres in Colo. for over 30 years…maintenance is a word I choose to forget.”   C B 

“Valle Escondido is a beautiful, serene carefree place to live.” J K

“Valle Escondido is a beautiful gated community with it’s own spa and sports facilities, including a 9-hole golf course. Set in an enchanting ‘hidden’ valley, it is just a short walk away from the delightful village of Boquete in the Chiriquí highlands, with its ‘eternal spring’ climate. There can be few places in the world that compare with this dream location.” P R

“Life is more fulfilling when it is not passing you by so fast. Paradise can be found anywhere in the world, it lives inside each of us.  Valle Escondido allows paradise to be lived in Panama, with its gentle footprint and beautiful architecture our own paradise can come through.  Whether it is adventure or sports, close knit community or cost of living, slower pace or beautiful weather Valle Escondido is transparent and allows you to live in your paradise.” F

“After having visited over 25 countries, I believe  Panama is one of  the most naturally beautiful, unspoiled, and safest places to reside on the Planet. In my eyes, I think Boquete is the jewel of Panama, and Valle Escondido in Boquete ranks first as my choice of a place to live in the area. My wife and I  can hardly wait to start building our home there in the near future. DN

“We were the very first to commit our support for V.E. by purchasing a home there.
It has been a great investment. We have made many friends in the valley and we take full advantage of the various attractions it offers.” T B

“We were attracted to Boquete by it’s inherent beauty, mild climate, world class health care, and low cost of living.  When we saw Valle Escondido, it was love at first sight. The design complements the natural beauty of the region, enhances security, and provides lifestyle options (golf, tennis, fitness center, country club), which promise to make our retirement a dream, come true.”   A H

“Valle Escondido is one of the prettiest little valleys my wife and I have ever seen.  It has all the things we were looking for…great weather, a first class health spa, a fun challenging 9-hole golf course, all within walking distance to one of the quaintest towns in all of Central America.” JD

“Valle Escondido is both beautiful and secure.  I believe it would be difficult to find a better place in Panama to live!!” B

“What I like about Valle Escondido is the beauty of the valley, the streams and gardens. The security is good, and the quality of the development is excellent.  It is very tranquil here.  O L

“Living in Valle Escondido has been a incredible experience for us. Imagine being surrounded by gorgeous nature, with birds of every color stopping by to eat your bananas,  in an almost jungle setting with all the amenities and then topping off with great friends walking up to visit you for Happy Hour to solve the world problems. It can’t get any better.”  KH

What attracted us most to VE was the beauty, the infrastructure and the security.  We are gone for months at a time and we greatly appreciate the gated entrance to protect our home and belongings.  JM

After traveling to many country’s and places in Central America I decided “Valle Escondido” was for
me. And now five years later I would make the same decision.

Valle Escondido is a superb setting for full or part-time dwellers with the amenities of a first-class resort/spa.  Having lived there for the last four years, we see it just getting better and better. BV

Valle Escondido is like heaven on earth. When you come through the gate it feels as though you are in a different world, quiet, beautiful, and always a plesent temperature with no traffic.

“One of the most beautiful places I can imagine.” ” Very well designed community, with excellent facilities, and great communications linkages.”  “Beautiful weather, beautiful views, peaceful place, interesting, adventuresome people.  What could be better?” “Crystal clear water, rushing streams and natural waterfalls.”   J.H and T.G. 

“When I told my wife we had reserved a building site in Panama, she thought I had come unwrapped.  But she fell in love with Boquete and Valle Escondido at first sight and we have never looked back.  The lower cost of living, natural beauty and activities of the area attracted us. The good security and friendly reception by both locals and expats will keep us here for years to come.” BH