Valle Escondido Health & Beauty Spa

The journey begins…

Valle Escondido is unsurpassed in its natural beauty coupled with its many amenities, but now we have taken another giant step by combining the best of the old and new worlds in our health and beauty spa.

 The serenity of the valley with it wonderful sights, sounds and smells is now host to the finest of natural products and services that will touch those senses and much more. When you enter the Valle Escondido Health and Beauty Spa you will be transported to another time and place, one even more exotic than the one just outside our doors. On display throughout the facilities are authentic pre-Colombian artifacts that rival any found in the most famous museums around the world. Panama’s six indigenous Indian tribes are each represented with décor that will transport you into the wilds of the jungles and serenity of the islands. Couple this ancient and current cultural history with the finest technologies the world has to offer in health and beauty and your journey is ready to begin.

Our 25-meter salt system indoor pool beckons you to walk into the tranquility of its soft warm waters. The Artisian Jacuzzi spa is designed to melt away your tensions. Nearby is the latest in Life fitness cardiovascular and muscle toning equipment and a specialist who knows how and what to do in order to take full advantage of it. Both dry saunas and steam baths will rejuvenate your body and prepare you for the journey that lies ahead. 

Body and facial treatments, manicure, pedicure, hair coloring, cut and curl-will make anyone feel like royalty. Our team of experts will provide all of this as well as a full assortment of massages that will bring you to a new level of awareness of your body’s senses.